Admission to the Chemical Engineering and NanoEngineering Major

Welcome to the NanoEngineering Department and congratulations on being admitted to UC San Diego.

If you are interested in applying to the Chemical Engineering (CE25) and NanoEngineering (NA25) majors, please read below.  

Applications for the NanoEngineering major are open each quarter.  The next application period for current students for the NanoEngineering major will be Monday, June 18th to Sunday, July 1st, 2018.  Incoming freshmen will apply during the application period starting Monday, June 18th to Sunday July 1st, 2018.  

Applications for the Chemical Engineering major will only be accepted at the end of Spring quarter, each year.  The application period for Fall 2018 begins Monday, June 18th, 2018 to Sunday, July 1, 2018 for all students. 

Students must submit their application through the My Jacobs School of Engineering Major Change Application. If the application states that you are not eligible to apply but you have met all of the admission requirements, we recommend you continue submitting an application.

Prospective undergraduate students can click here for more information about transferring into an engineering major, capped majors, student advising, and more.


Change of Major Requirements - Effective Fall 2017 Quarter and later

Current students -  First and second year current students can apply to both majors (B.S. Chemical Engineering and B.S. NanoEngineering). Admission into both majors is limited. Students that have applied to an oversubscribed major will be further evaluated by the Office of Admissions for admission to the major, taking into consideration the number of spaces available in the major. First year students can apply at the end of their third quarter at UC San Diego. As continuing students, applications are also accepted until the end of their 6th quarter. Current students must have completed all screening courses (below) and earned a minimum of 3.0 GPA in screening courses to be eligible. 

Transfer Students - The NanoEngineering Department will admit a predetermined number of transfer students into the Chemical Engineering or NanoEngineering majors. Interested transfer students must apply no later than at the end of their 3rd quarter at UC San Diego, as the time to graduation would be delayed since the majority of departmental courses are offered only once per year. Transfer students who wish to be considered must meet the following minimum requirements:


Screening Course Requirements

Please note:  If you have not completed all of the lower division requirements listed below, please contact our Undergraduate Advisors for more information about the major and how long it will take you to graduate:

  • NanoEngineering FRESHMEN Applicants*: Math 20A-C; Physics 2A; Chemistry 6A-C
  • NanoEngineering SOPHOMORE and TRANSFER Applicants*: Math 18 (formerly MATH 20F), MATH 20A-D; Physics 2A-D; Chemistry 6A-C, 7L
  • Chemical Engineering FRESHMEN Applicants*: Math 20A-C; Physics 2A-B; Chemistry 6A-C, 7L
  • Chemical Engineering SOPHOMORE and TRANSFER Applicants*: Math 18 (formerly MATH 20F), MATH 20A-D; Physics 2A-C, 2CL; Chemistry 6A-C, 7L

*Freshmen applicants have until the end of the third quarter and continuing student applicants have until the end of the sixth quarter at UC San Diego to complete the requirements listed. We will not consider transfer student applicants who exceed 3 quarters at UC San Diego.

Questions? If you are a current UC San Diego student and have additional questions, contact an advisor through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC).  If you are not a UC San Diego student, you can reach an advisor at